Theatre online

You have an Theatre but no more budget to release another
Live stage play?
Let your actors perform the parts in their own homes.
and let T.O.L. edit this in one performance .
We broadcast this play online for you on your preference
as either a Live performance or as an On-Demand performance.
Viewers then can login and pay a small ticket fee.
This is a costing saving way to produce a high quality Theatre play
And the same time to make a extra income for your Theatre
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What we do

T.O.L. the place where you find worldwide Theatre news

Download Theatre scripts Read Interviews and listen to our podcast

And as bonus its possible to upload your own homemade audition

Receive professional feedback on your performance

Get in contact with Theatre producers

Watch video impressions from |Theatre actors all over the world

Upload you script for a play or a part and see it come to live by an actor

any many more Theatrical things

T.O.l. theatre online is for everybody who loves Theatre

Win the next Tony award

How does it work?

How does it work
Go to the T.O.L.contact page
Mention or describe the part you want to preform
You will receive a mail
In this mail mail you read all about copyright fees and
and other important stuff for you to participate
So let’s do this
The world is waiting to see you preform
Important to know is,there is absolutely no charge for uploading your video
And who knows,which Theatre producer is watching you
looking for the next star on his stage

Amateur or Professional

Currently Theatre Online is seeking for stage actors worldwide  for the following plays 

Never promised you a Rose Garden

The Dialogue writer 

Check Theatre plays

If you think you can perform one of these character roles

Request the whole script Send a mail to toltheatreonline@mail.com

Home Audition

Requirements to participate as an actor
Experience*desirable*But definitely not A must.
We like to see new raw talent
A video camera with high resolution to record your part.
Passion for Theatre and especially Monologues.
We are looking for Theatre actors or wanna be Theatre actors from all over the world.
Age Colour Sex Religion we dont care,you think you can impress the world with your part?

Enjoy Theatre online

Theatre online
Find and watch here new and unknown Theatre plays, but also known and unknown Theatre talents
In these difficult times for theaters
Actors have been without work for months not being able to express their creativity
Here at T.O.L. New and Unknown plays are being performed that you can view online from your own comfortable seat in in your home
For now only On-Demand plays are possible
later we will also add Live Streaming Theatre Plays

Are you a casting director ?
Or are you putting on a show ?
But you still need some talents ?
Scroll through our database and find you new star
Contact us for a perfect match

Get your Applause

Join our contest and Start preparing your role

Receive five golden stars with your video impression and win a T.O.L Award

Advert your Theatre on T.O.L.
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T.O.L. is the pioneer in creating a Theatre world online

Read more on *Why Online?

T.O.L. Theatre online *conceptual Idea and format is 2020 copyright and IP* Intellectual Property protected with BOIP under T.O.L.
number T21234562244 No parts or any media on T.O.L. can be used or reproduced without written permission of T.O.L. Theatre-online

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